Post PhD Monkey

Post PhD Monkey

With his PhD finally done, Monkey sits down to enjoy himself and relax…

Here’s just a quick little comic I whipped up. Post PhD life is weird. I spent a lot of my time when I should have been working on my PhD completely fascinated with other things: drawing, writing, playing the cello, running, cycling. Now that I actually have time to do all those things, I’m all ‘meh.’ I’ve come to the horrible realisation that my main motivation in life might be procrastination…

I’m trying to get on with some short fiction at the moment, a few short stories here and there. I may well post some sections up here if I’m ever happy with them (so probably not, ha!)

Adventure Time for Monkey

characters1I’ve just discovered Adventure Time this week and I quite literally cannot get enough of it. I can’t quite figure out who it’s supposed to be aimed at. The graphic style is bold and cartoony, but the stories can be quite dark (when they aren’t completely random!).

I’ve had a whale of a time doodling these Adventure Time themed characters: Monkey’s had a bit of a humanizing overhaul (as has Pigeon), and I’m happy to introduce Jamu the pussy-cat and Big bad Billy the squid (my two other siblings). Also check out Oxo, our French exchange guest.

A thousand apologies for disappearing without a trace! PhD is nearly ready to submit (finger crossed) so I’m hoping vonBandersnatch will be back up and running come the new year! Having done this little piece I’m super excited to start drawing comics again, already got quite a lot of ideas lined up. Excitulations!

Pumpkin out.

88 Quacks per hour


Dedicated to Big bad Ben Billy Kingsley

Monkey loves Penguin: Birthday Monkey



Sorry for the late comic post; but hopefully you can excuse me, I was busy turning 25 yesterday :D.

Much love everyone! Pip pip!

Divine Inattention: It’s gettin’ hot in here

(Click for high res version)


Today’s comic is brought to you courtesy of Crucifacts, your friendly wordpress Atheist, who was kind enough to let me make a comic from a great little imaginary dialogue in this post (It was just too good to pass up).

Work related Hiatus

Dear all lovely readers (yes I’m excluding you, horrid readers),

Due to the extraordinarily large amount of work that writing a PhD requires, and the seeming impossibility of juggling that workload with writing an illustrated mini-saga a day, learning to play the cello, running, cycling, and just generally managing to walk around with a Pumpkin for a head, I’m having to take a break from this mini-saga-a-thon to concentrate on work. Unfortunately something’s got to give, and it can’t be my PhD research.

I will hopefully come back to this project soon and start updating daily again (if possible), though I’ve sort of given up hope of ever catching up with having as many sagas as days have elapsed in the year. I’ll still be writing a comic every Sunday, so hopefully an update a week will satiate your mad Pumpkin desires for the time being (plus only one update a week should make it easier to get a nicely done comic up, rather than a rush job).

I’ll see how things go over the next few weeks, I may return to the daily sagas, or I may start just uploading comics a few times a week (I think I’ve always intended on switching just to comics anyway), only time will tell.

Till then, sorry for the silence and see you all soon!

Much love,


Found Him!

Monkey loves Penguin: Supermarket Sweep


I can’t lie, I haven’t done this… but for some reason I’m itching to give it a try!

Monkey loves Penguin: Madness?…


Seriously though; Bro-braids, clearly a future fashion trend

The Adventures of Geoffrey the Zombie: New House

Geoffrey wandered gleefully around his new house. It was spacious, modern and let in lots of light. Best of all, he’d been able to move in for free! There was one catch: the previous owners still lived in the basement… They were a quiet sort though, and not that mobile.