Greetings interwebbers!

So, how best to describe myself… I’m a rather mad Philosophy PhD student with a Pumpkin for a head. I’ve always had an interest in writing creatively and decided it was about time I indulged it; hence, this blog was born, to be filled with as much fiction as I can possibly churn out without failing my postgraduate degree. Most of what I write here will be utterly mad, but I’ll try to sneak in something meaningful every now and then.

I decided this year to undertake some sort of creative project and so set about trying to write one mini-saga for every day of the year. This later evolved into writing one illustrated mini-saga for every day of the year, usually followed by a little rant by me (I like making more work for myself).

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to the constraints of being a final year PhD student I’ve had to indefinitely put my mini-saga project on hold. I wasn’t managing to juggle writing chapters with writing mini-sagas at all well and something had to give, just couldn’t be my PhD. You can take a look at the first half of this project though by looking back through my archives (there’s still about 150 sagas to look through). I’ll still be updating every Sunday with a comic and will hopefully be working towards some more regular updates during the week; I think for the sake of my work and my sanity though, I’ll have to steer clear of daily updates for a while.

So please feel free to tune in on a regular basis and I hope to read your thoughts in the comments boxes!

Pip pip!


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  1. Hello Mr Snatch.

    You are rather mad.

  2. whimsyink says:

    Thanks for following my blog 😀 You have some fun stuff here, can’t wait to see more!

  3. babedarla says:

    Wow! This is very cool! I think I’m gonna forward the link to my son (not to worry, he’s a grown-up, and we’ve always shared a love of deep thought AND sci-fi…not to mention the graphic novel approach!)
    Must commend you on your’ artwork! It can’t be easy to get all this done for a daily blog!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

  4. manokakoy says:

    Hey, awesome stuff you got here. I had fun reading some of your works. well told and great humor. 😀

    By the way, thanks for the like on my mother’s day cartoon. Really appreciate it.

  5. creativeliz says:

    Hey, thank you for stopping by and liking my blog! I love what I’ve seen on yours so far (I’ll be using ‘divine fistbump’ when and where I can 😉 ) Look forward to seeing and reading future art and writings!
    All the best, Liz

  6. Hi, I’ve ready a few of your mini-sagas and think they are great. Do you sketch, scan and photoshop yours? I ask as I’m gradually picking up photoshop as I do my own webcomic but it seems to take a while. You seem to have a lot of content uploaded so wondered if you had any tips for speeding it up a bit.

    • Before this week I was just using illustrator to draw all my stuff, but all my pictures felt a little clunky. About midway through this week I started sketching and inking in photoshop as its a lot more like sketching on paper with a tablet, and then copying the inked layer version into illustrator to use the ‘live trace’ function to turn the line art into vectors. Then I colour shade and highlight with illustrator. I try to be speedy, but I always end up spending more time than I anticipate on each picture. Hope that helps (I’m not really an expert but I’ll do my best to help out more if I can!)

  7. Sandy Sue says:

    Mr. Bandersnatch,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving a few pumpkin seeds.

  8. Grumpy says:

    Sounds like you are a ‘frumious’ teutonic bandersnatch!

  9. Hello von, here is a new little webcomic cartoon of mine, BY DESTINY DENIED: – hope THIS ONE won’t be censored!

  10. whimsyink says:

    Hi! I really like your blog and I nominated it for a Lovely Blog Award 😀 Please visit for more details.

  11. Roxy says:

    Hey pumpkin, many thanks for liking my comic thing, your blog is full of the seeds of pumpkin awesomeness. I look forward to seeing even more 🙂

    • Thanks Roxy, glad you enjoyed what you’re seen so far! Your comic was great, I’ve started making my way through some of your posts, think I’ll have to set aside some time to have a read through properly 🙂

  12. Hello Mr. Von Bandersnatch,
    Thanks for the comics. You’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award because I think more people should see them. Neat, no?

  13. creativeliz says:

    Hi, I’ve added to your nominations with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 😉 if you’d like to accept the award and find out more, take a peek here:
    Cheers, Liz

  14. Hi There wonderful one, I have nominated you for the “ABC” awesome blog content award. Please visit for more details 🙂

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