characters1I’ve just discovered Adventure Time this week and I quite literally cannot get enough of it. I can’t quite figure out who it’s supposed to be aimed at. The graphic style is bold and cartoony, but the stories can be quite dark (when they aren’t completely random!).

I’ve had a whale of a time doodling these Adventure Time themed characters: Monkey’s had a bit of a humanizing overhaul (as has Pigeon), and I’m happy to introduce Jamu the pussy-cat and Big bad Billy the squid (my two other siblings). Also check out Oxo, our French exchange guest.

A thousand apologies for disappearing without a trace! PhD is nearly ready to submit (finger crossed) so I’m hoping vonBandersnatch will be back up and running come the new year! Having done this little piece I’m super excited to start drawing comics again, already got quite a lot of ideas lined up. Excitulations!

Pumpkin out.


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