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Words cannot express just how dirty my brother’s bathroom is, hopefully this comic will do the job…

Two comics this weekend! Woop! I’ve managed to speed my drawing and writing process up a little so its getting easier to do these comics; unfortunately that just prompts me to do more comics than just the one a week and to make them longer hah!

That’s all for today! There’s a special Father’s Day post tomorrow (airing at 00.01 GMT) so stay tuned for that! Pip pip!

P.S. It took literally ages to come up with a title for this one! Still not sure on this one… If you think up a better title, let me know in a comment below (if yours is picked I’ll write you into a comic or something as a prize haha)


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  1. Haha crack up, I’m sure this is what my flatting son’s bathroom looks like as well but I refuse to have a look! (then I’d feel like I had to clean it) BTW love the title 🙂

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