Smothered with Love


For all you Zomboid fans out there.

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For those not in the know: Project Zomboid is an indie game currently under development by the Indiestone. It’s a sandbox survival horror game with a different take to most of your average zombie survival games. Namely: You aren’t some immune one man army fighting his or her way to a cure for all mankind and probably a job as the president of Earth. You are a normal human being trying to survive the apocalypse, and in that endeavour you are going to fail.

Yup, the game is set up so that you will definitely die; the important questions become: How long will you survive? What will you do with your time? Will you hole up in a heavily fortified building and slowly starve as your supplies run out? Will you head out and search for others who may or may not want to help you out? Or do you go out with a bang? In Project Zoboid, its the story of your death that’s brought into focus, and you end up with some pretty interesting stories to tell. Head over to to give it a look (or just search online for some youtube clips).

The game is still in alpha at the moment, although if you purchase the game now you can play the current version and are entitled to all future updates (pretty good deal considering the low price!) Initially there was a tutorial, in which you took the role of Bob Smith, taking refuge with his wife Kate, who has broken her leg, in an abandoned house. The tutorial gets you to go search for supplies to help her out however, perhaps somewhat morbidly, you can find a pillow in a nearby wardrobe which can be used to smother her to end the tutorial early. I was a little sad there wasn’t more to do with that pillow, this comic illustrates just one of the uses of a pillow left out by the developers (for shame!)

I’ve ended up a day behind with my postings; hopefully I’ll catch up with another post today, but don’t hold your breath!

Pip pip!

P.S.  Note the cameo for Geoffrey the Zombie!


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