I don’t really get God in the old testament. He sends Moses to ask Pharaoh to let the Israelites go with the threat of a terrible plague each time, culminating in killing every firstborn son not in a house with lambs blood smeared all over the front door; but then, when the Pharaoh is actually considering the proposal he ‘hardens his heart’ so that he has to refuse. It’s almost as if God wants to kill thousands of innocent children, who of course had no part in persecuting the Israelites. All seems just a little bit cruel to me. Also, isn’t God not supposed to meddle with free will? All very confusing.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday comic! I certainly enjoyed drawing it. managed to catch up a little on the ground I lost in the past week or so, I’ll see if I can keep on top of things.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. crucifacts says:

    Perfect. I’m glad I read this. Goes perfect with my blog today.

    Free will? Only when we are allowed to have it. And if we do use it…we will most likely go to hell for it.

    You can never win. Haha.

    • I thought you’d appreciate that having read your post today.

      Yes it’s all convenient. God allows us to be completely free and responsible, so long as we do what he wants and its in the divine plan… hah

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