Wandering through the forest a fox spied a bunch of grapes hanging from a tree; try as he might, he just couldn’t reach them.

“Nevermind. They don’t look that great anyway.”

So off he went to catch rabbits instead, which made him far happier than the grapes could have anyhow.


Moral: ‘Giving up on unreachable dreams doesn’t mean you can’t be happy pursuing those within your grasp’

I suppose people always tend to think of the fox from Aesop’s fable as being a little childish: he can’t reach the grapes so he says: “they look sour anyway, I don’t even want them.” I can’t help but think he does something right: If you can’t have something you want, there’s no shame in telling yourself you don’t want it anymore so you can move on to better things you can have.


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