Geoffrey was pleasantly surprised at the response to his new minimalist running club. Almost everyone he knew had turned up on the street barefoot ready to join him for a jog; though, he couldn’t help but think that Frank was taking minimalism a little far by chewing his feet off.


Geoffrey makes a triumphant (minimalist running themed) return! I’ve a few more planned for him, but I’ll try to space them out a bit.

I’ve changed the front page up a bit too, I’ve picked a few of my best comics to stick to the homepage above the blog roll. Let me know what you think of the new layout, does it make it difficult to work out where the newest posts are? (I’m open to suggestions as to what posts should be stickied too).

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  1. Haha, this is so gross (but in a good way of course). I was eating breakfast at the time of viewing this, peanut butter and jam on toast…………..not a good mix lol

  2. drawingdawn says:

    Hi Mr. von B! Thank your liking my page. I love your site too!!!

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