When Pumpkin heard he’d been nominated for three more awards by extremely talented Lookaraoundyounow, Creativeliz and Kellygrahamartist his big orange head very near toppled off his shoulders! Versatile, inspiring and creating awesome content, it made him blush just thinking about it; at least, it would have if pumpkins could blush.

So, I’ve been very slowing getting round to these, but I’ve been nominated for three new awards. The ‘Versatile Blogger’ award by Lookaraoundyounow, the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award by Creativeliz and the ‘Awesome Blog Content’ (or ABC) award from Kellygrahamartist. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the Pumpkin-love 🙂 If you haven’t already checked out their blogs, get on over there now and take a look at some great content!

I’d love to be able to accept all of these awards, but unfortunately what with my PhD and trying to sort out my mini-saga per day, I just can’t find the time to fulfil all of the requirements for the nominations. So I’m going to graciously decline (though I’m extremely thankful for the nominations!) the awards, though in the spirit of the awards requirements, here’s a few random things about me and a list of blogs I think you should go on to check out:

random things about Pumpkin:

  1. I’m a Uk size 6.5 (though I usually wear 7’s)
  2. My favourite breakfast food is porridge
  3. I prefer cats to dogs
  4. I ride a 52cm frame bike (when I should really ride a 54)
  5. I was once the frontman for a band called ‘Sushi Bar’
  6. I only drink skimmed milk
  7. I almost took a conversion course to become a graphic designer before I got PhD funding
  8. I can’t drive
  9. My middle name is David
  10. I don’t believe in macroscopic objects
And here a few blogs you should check out:
Michaelverse (it was this blog that started off my mini-saga venture!)

Thanks again everyone and keep reading 🙂


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