Monkey bounded along, a broad grin plastered across his face. Sure he got some funny looks, jogging around the supermarket wasn’t exactly normal behaviour; let alone wearing toe-shoes and giggling like a five year old. Monkey didn’t care, he had his monkey-feet on and not a care in the world.



So I went running for the first time in my new Vibram five-fingers today, or as Penguin calls them my ‘monkey-feet’ (which sounds like it ought to be a funky clothing brand), and I’m desperate to go out again tomorrow. They are simply the comfiest thing I’ve ever put on my feet and I’ve never had more fun running, I know I’ve already banged on about this before but I cannot say enough how awesome minimalist running feels. I’d suggest every runner give it a go (check out Chris McDougall spelling out his theory on why humans are ‘born to run’ and Lee Saxby give some pointers on how to run barefoot-it’s not as easy as you think!).

Anyways, its something I need to ease into, so I really should give it a rest for a day… it’s just so hard to resist! I find myself having a little run wherever I’m going in them (even around the supermarket-yes I did get some pretty funny looks). Monkey-feet all the way!

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