Adam Poorman lowered his naked body into the bubbling ragu.

“I’m here in Big Mamma’s Pasta House, about to attempt the Ravioli-Bathtub Challenge. I’ve just thirty minutes to eat this entire bathtub of boiling hot ravioli. If successful I’ll win a T-shirt and a free trip to the burns unit.”


You MUST read this saga in Adam Richman’s voice! I’m just astounded at what this guy put into his stomach, why anyone would ever need to put their body through such things (and for nothing more than a T-shirt). Black and white picture today because I haven’t the time to spend colouring it! Maybe I’ll return to it at a later date; who knows, I’m a busy Pumpkin!

Special thanks to my long suffering Penguin for helping me to write this one (and putting up with me spending so much time on this blog!)


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