Pumpkin’s chest swelled with pride after he learned that he’d been nominated for a one lovely blog award’ by the wonderfully talented Whimsyink. Don’t worry, he isn’t going to get all big headed about his blog or this award; then again, his head is a pumpkin and pretty big already!


Exciting times interwebbers! I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by the exceedingly talented Whimsyink over at lestwentytwo. If you haven’t checked out her work already, get over there now and have a look, she writes a really fun little three panel comic called ‘Today I learned’ that will definitely give you a chuckle (unless your humour gland is broken); what’s more her illustrations are consistently great to look at and always look wonderfully effortless (jealous!). Anywho, thanks a million to Whimsyink for this nomination, I’m really very flattered and glad that people are enjoying the pumpkin seeds I’m planting here!

Now for the rules of acceptance:

-Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
-Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
-Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
-Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Ok, seven (possibly) unknown things about myself:

1.  I’m an amateur (we’re talking really amateur) cellist

2.  I’ve been studying Philosophy for 7 years now, I’ll hopefully be ‘Dr. Pumpkin’ soon

3.  I can’t drive (I cycle everywhere); which leads me on to

4.  I’m absolutely mad for cycling, love long hilly rides

5.  Also running, I love it. I’m into minimalist running too so don;t be surprised if you see a Pumpkin headed man running round barefoot

6.  I’m 5’6″ (short for a human, tall for a Pumpkin)

7.  I’m a quarter Italian

On to the blogs I’d like to nominate:

1. Kelly Graham, Artist; lovely blog with some really wonderful artwork

2. The Stuff in the Marigin; outstanding cartoonist

3. Mydrawsomething; This guy is seriously good at drawsomething; like unbelievably good

4. Man-made Murphy; Very professional looking webcomic start up; definitely one to watch here

5. Pypys’ Little Pages; a fun cartoon about a little fellow with a rather large… well see for yourself. Unfortunately Pypys has been marked as mature content (you’ve been warned!) so its up to us to put him about… so to speak.

6. Over the Hedge; Great online comic strip by Michael Fry

7. Nerd Musings; Lovely blog filled with an assortment of wonderfully geeky stuff

8. Ionwhat; absolutely phenomenal digital artist

9. Arlenepowers; fantastic artist, check out her charcoal pieces!

10. Sassyhandturkey; great blog filled with some pun-derful cartoons

11. Sketches from Memory; Another blog filled with really fun little comics

12. Monkeys, Bears and Pencil Shavings; Fantastic cartoon artwork here, I wish my illustrations could look like this!

13. Nobrow Cartoons; Really great comics, some very clever illustrations

14. Crucifacts; I love a good atheist rant about the Bible, this blog should be your go too place if you do too!

15. Cuthbert’s Books; last, but certainly not least, a blog containing the collective works of Cuthbert U. Pig; at the moment he’s working through the chapters f a book entitled ‘Attack of the vegetarian zombies;’ really great read, go check it out right away!

Thanks again to Whimsyink (this nomination made my week!) and to all my readers. Running this blog is a world of fun, but it’s made all the better by your visits and interaction. I’ll try to keep it up.

Pip pip!

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  1. baki3626 says:

    An esteemed congratulations to you Mr. Bandersnatch! You definitely deserve the honor!

  2. Yay congratulations to you!! and thanyou so much for the nomination 🙂

  3. Hey, Pumpkin, Pypys and me are flattered by your extra-kind nomination of Pypys’ Little Pages! We are glad that someone out there appreciates our work. However, since we anren’t that much into this award thing, we prefer to thanki you with our imperishable gratitude, put the link to your awesome little blog among the links of Pypys’s friends, but not step into the award game. Thank you again and congratulations – you definitely deserve it.
    MB & Pypys

  4. […] Von Bandersnatch (whose blog I strongly recommend you), nominated Pypys Little Pages for “One Lovely Blog Award“. It’s the second time that Pypys is nominated for a blog award. Some weeks ago, extra […]

  5. nerdmusing says:

    Thank you for the nomination and for spreading the love!

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