dun dun dunn!

I’ve had this story in the back of my mind, and in a few different roughly written versions, for a while now. The basic thought being: what if you got to the afterlife and instead of being faced with certainty, you meet more mysticism and religion? That is, what if you got to heaven, met all the angels and then found out that they’d never met God either, that they were waiting for the next life too, going on faith, etc.

Of course here something more sinister is going on, the keepers use the lost people as a workforce and then murder them, there its no ascension, its a trick.

I have plans for a few more episodes of this story, think I’ll give it a rest for a few weeks before I return to it.

I’ve had to upload the comic without any shading (and with a final page I’m not entirely happy with) as I’ve run out of time to work on it today. I did want this comic to be a little longer and reveal a little more, but that will have to wait for another time…


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