Having hurled him out of the saloon, James Masterton stood over ‘Big mouth Billy’ Barnes, hand on his six-shooter.

“C’mon Jim, I didn’t mean nothin’ by it! Ever-body round here calls you cantankerous.” Protested Billy.

“This ain’t about no name callin’ boy. You just caught me in a bad mood.”

They don’t call me Cantankerous Jim for nothin’


Meet Cantankerous Jim, the grouchiest cowboy in the West. He’s also the first character drawn with my all new graphics tablet (go Jim!). I was doodling this morning and fancied drawing me a cowboy (and also speakin’ like I was from th’old West) think he came out pretty good! He may well return for some further adventures, we shall have to wait and see…

That’s all for today. Pip pip!

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  1. Loving Cantankerous Jim, what graphics tab and program do you use?

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