Living with an amateur cellist, Emu knew how annoying his own viola practice could be. He couldn’t help thinking his neighbour’s retaliation was going somewhat overboard though: He’d taken up the viola and trumpet and played endless scales every morning. To add insult to injury he was getting pretty good.


my new graphics tablet arrived today (huzzah!) However, I didn’t end up having enough time to get it up and running properly with Photoshop (there are always a few teething problems) before I went out. So, here’s a saga written and illustrated from my phone; mobile technology at it’s best!

This saga is based on a true story. After weeks of just stomping around upstairs whenever my flatmate or I played an instrument, our upstairs neighbour seems to have taken up a plethora of instruments on which they practice scales at least 6 hours every morning. That’s a real commitment to revenge, respect.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow! Pip Pip!

P.s. Yes, my housemate is a viola playing Emu


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