Hung like a knight T-shirt mockup

Hi all, no saga today as I’ve been working on a T-shirt design for I decided that Sir Hugo Todger from this weeks saga would look great on a T-shirt so I’ve been busy designing all day. Here’s version 2 of the T, All comments, good and bad, are more than welcome!


I’m struggling at the moment in that the design requires that you only use 8 colours; I did want to try different colours for the knight, but it’d mean losing a colour elsewhere . Here it is as a mockup on a few different coloured T-shirts:








I think it looks pretty good at the moment. Think I’m going to add some shading onto the ribbons to give them some depth. Anywho, let me know what you think about it, which colours you like best; any other suggestions would be most welcome!

Normal saga-service should resume tomorrow! Pip pip!


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  1. creativeliz says:

    Very cool. Love the font design on the banner and the cock motif in the background is a nice complement to Sir Hugo’s appendage! 😉

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