“Afternoon Mr. Oak,” Said the squirrel as he clambered up the tree’s trunk. “How’s your PhD research into the effects of protein therapy on Epithelial dynamics and fusion during embryonic development and tissue repair going?”

“Oh, not bad.” Sighed the tree “It’s rather specific though; I’m thinking of branching out.”


I love silly puns. Hope you do too!

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  1. Mark Heath says:

    I’m going out on a limb: you’re the tree.

    • I am in spirit yes. My PhD isn’t on anything nearly as complex sounding, though the same point applies…

      • Mark Heath says:

        Is your thesis a private thing, or can you share it with the public, with the appropriate security clearance?

      • Hah, it’s not especially private. It’s a philosophy PhD, broadly philosophy of action based. I’m looking to give an account of the kind of control we commonly think agents, such as ourselves, can possess over actions and events.

        Quite a lot of philosophers talk in terms of control, in discussions of freedom and responsibility for instance, but they rarely pin down exactly what they think it amounts to. I’m presenting an analysis of the concept which ought to be informative in these discussions.

        Or something like that anyway 🙂

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