There was no doubting it, Amy’s maths teacher was a vampire; not the sparkly variety either. His skin was deathly pale, near purple, his canines protruded like two daggers from his mouth; he even wore a cape.

Happily he seemed more interested in sums than blood: this guy loved counting.

“How many hours of detention will I give you? Vun, Two; Two hours! Ah ah ah ah!


The count is my absolute favourite muppets character of all time (even when he has a potty-mouth), I can’t think of anyone I’d rather learn maths from. He’s also great fun to draw!

Double post today (woo!) I’m finally starting the process of clawing back to one post per day of the year (only about 29 behind now)


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  1. hardrock45 says:

    Thanks for the like on my blog Mydaddysez. Hope you’ll stop by again.

  2. The Count was a great character design and very successful, how long have they been going now?

    Thanks for the comment on blog too.

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