Stuart crouched by the fence scanning the sky; it was up there somewhere, chattering it’s awful song, a black and white wraith waiting to strike. Suddenly it swooped down, talons bared and screeching. With squirrely agility he vaulted off the fence and landed a firm kick on the magpie’s beak.


Outside of my flat there is a communal rubbish and recycling area which my flatmate has recently noticed is stage to an epic battle every morning between a gang of squirrels and a tribe of magpies. They pull debris out of the bins and then leap and swoop around attacking one another as each group tries to claim the spoils. I’m pretty sure this is what it would look like…

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  1. otakufool says:

    I just love your illustrations! Not to mention your writing style! I’ll definitely be back to read some of those comics 😀

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