Davis was murdered in the late 50s, shot in the back inside his office at 21:18; beyond that little was known: no-one was ever caught, no murder weapon ever found. It was guesswork, we’d have to catch the murderer at the scene, but we owed it to Davis to try.


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To clarify, the fact that the murderer made a clean escape means that intercepting them and taking them out of the equation before they can murder Davis remains a viable option. Removing the murderer oughtn’t to affect the worlds perception of the case as no knowledge of the murderer exists (or so the reasoning might go).

Really happy with the art on this one. I’m going to try to get the final instalment (tomorrow’s comic) looking this good, but no promises that I can keep it up (and still have time to carry on with my normal life!)

See you all tomorrow for the epic conclusion to this mini-series! Pip pip!


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