Rectifiers had no contact with clients; all cases came through Heinlin, the Bureau director, to section heads who then briefed their individual teams on assignments.

On the third of March 2067, fifteen years after the bureau’s creation, we received the assignment we’d all been waiting for: the Wells Davis murder.


Series Link

Part 5 of the Davis loop series, and we start to see where the story is going. Plus a look at whit the Bureau director, Phillip Heinlin, looks like. For those of you that are wondering: yes, Heinlin is a reference to Robert A. Heinlein, the sci-fi writer. It seemed wrong to write a story about time travel without having a reference to him in there somewhere!

This is the first bit of art that shows off my new system (sketching and inking in Photoshop and then sending over to Illustrator for colouring) Can’t lie, I’m pretty pleased with how this has turned out.

Also, I’ve added a ‘Comics’ and a ‘Series’ tab to the menu at the top of the page so you can jump straight to the comics if you like a higher image to word ratio, or to any of the the series of mini-sagas I’ve put up so far. Have fun! (but don’t forget to check out the general back-catalogue of sagas!)

See you tomorrow. Pip pip!


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