Rectifying was by no means easy; the event had to be meticulously researched and almost perfectly recreated whilst the victim was being pulled out of the time-stream. A physical replica, a so called `dead clone,’ was seamlessly inserted in their place to provide us with our reason for going back.


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Part 3 of this week’s mini-series. Hopefully things aren’t going too slow; there’s quite a bit of scene setting for the comic at the end of the week (I’m hoping that will be worth the wait as it’s looking like it’s going to be a good deal longer than my usual comics).

The diagram ought to give some insight into how the HRB see their ‘changing the past.’ In order for there to be genuine change of the past, we need to think in terms of two different ‘runs’ of history, where the ordering of runs is not determined by the usual time series (the first run through doesn’t stricly speaking come before the second run else you wouldn’t be going back the the same time). In the first run, the victim dies causing the HBR to send a rectification team back to prevent it. The team arrives in the second run before the event they need to rectify, intervene in events and set about ensuring that a staged version of the event will occur (one under their control). In the staged event run by the rectifiers, the victim is removed moments before they die (or become fatally wounded) and a physical duplicate is put in their place, the victim then travels back to the present with the rectifier team. The physical replica gives the impression that the victim did die in the rectified event, thereby providing a reason for the rectifiers to go back (and forming the Davis loop—a closed loop in space-time involving a rectifier team returning in time to prevent a death that  their future selves have already staged).

Stay tuned for Parts 4-6 and the final instalment on Sunday!

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