James woke with a start, his alarm clock showed 11.39.


He’s set an alarm for 7.30! Some semi-conscious version of himself must have turned it off before he was properly awake; and to make matters worse he’d left a note:

Enjoy turning up late to your presentation jackass xx


I have a friend who, if you ring him early in the morning, will clearly and coherently tell you that he’s awake, getting out of bed and coming to meet you. Hours later when you ring him to find out where he is he’ll still be in bed with no recollection of the conversation, explaining that you must have been talking to the sleep monster before.

I quite like that idea, there’s certainly a part of me that turns my alarm off in the morning without me knowing it; that convinces me that staying in bed makes far more sense than getting up. Maybe there’s a sleep monster in all of us…


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