Walking back home, Luke stepped on a huge mushroom infuriating the leprechaun who lived there.

“My house! I’m gonna get you! I’ll give you a choice: I’m either going to turn you into a well-endowed but repulsive centaur that no-one can love or a super-attractive angel without any genitals.”


Whilst I was at home over Easter my friend Cpt.Beardseye kept posing these hypothetical scenarios in which you step on a leprechauns house and to get you back he forces you to make a difficult, though usually absurd, decision. Here’s my own take on that. What would you rather: have the tools but no opportunity to use them, or all the opportunity but no tools?


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  1. Michael says:

    You might enjoy the game they sometimes play on the podcast ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ called ‘Would You Rather’. If you like podcasts, and / or American comedians, check it out!

  2. That centaur has TWO penises!???

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