Billy’s front wheel only touched the rear of his brother’s bike for a moment, but it was enough to send him tumbling onto the tarmac. As the ground rushed towards his face his thoughts were with his father and brother – specifically how he wished they weren’t cycling directly behind him.


So, my family are quite into cycling; my dad, my two brothers and I have been going out cycling together quite regularly over the past few weeks in preparation for the London to Brighton bike ride in June. Today we had our first major accident. My youngest brother was cycling right behind me, not paying much attention to where he was going, and made contact with my back wheel. He went straight over, followed by my other brother and dad, who were riding right behind him. I looked around to a heap of bodies and bikes in the road. This saga is dedicates to the memory of my brother’s fingertips (which I’m guessing are still somewhere on the road to Kimbolton).

Pip pip!


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