A pale blue cone of light shone down over Hank, lifting his large round body into the air.

“Aliens?! You queer bastards can’t probe me, I got my tinfoil underwear on!”

The two aliens sighed.

“Shit, another one of these nutjobs.”

“Are there any normal beings on this damn planet?”


If alien abductees really are telling the truth and have been pinched and probed by little green men, then they’ve taken a really bad sample of the general populace (see for instance http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=vR2y5KWx–4). I’m not sure how it was discovered that copious amounts of tin foil (with or without carbon nano tubes – see the video!) could protect you from alien telepathic interference. It’s a little odd to think that aliens have mastered interstellar travel, but get stuck on tin foil. Here’s a horrible thought: maybe the aliens are just letting us think that tin foil works!

See you tomorrow! Pip pip!

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