“The spirits are telling me you’ve travelled here for help with something… You’ve been feeling unwell recently… I’m hearing back, in the back.

“…I’ve got toothache”

“At the back of your mouth, yes that’s it.”

Michael was beginning to think that coming to a psychic dentist was a terrible idea.

"No no, don't tell me... It's this tooth right?" bzzzzzzzzzt


If you’ve read some of my previous rants, it should come as no surprise to you that I’m somewhat dubious of psychics. Cold reading is a pretty well understood trick now, so it’s sort of baffling to me that people are still able to convince people that they are talking to their dead relatives and relaying them information. In fact, I think it’s quite grotesque that such a practice is even allowed to carry on within society. I sometimes here people say: “Well it makes some people happy, brings them some comfort; so why take that away from them?” I think that if someone close to me died, the last thing that I would want would be for someone to fool me into thinking that I could still somehow communicate with them. That’s horrendous! It’s an incredible breach of trust and it prevents people from facing reality and being able to move on with their lives. Please everyone, if you want to deceive me to cheer me up, do a magic trick.

I’ve been rather bad and missed a saga yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get another one together today (or get two out tomorrow) to catch up! Pip pip!


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