Geoffrey did a double-take as he caught his reflection in a shop window. He’d lost so much weight this last month! Getting into shape really was all down to diet; since he cut out all that fat and started eating pure organic brains, the pounds had just been flying off.


A late saga today, and we return to the adventures of Geoffrey, the Zombie who doesn’t know he’s a zombie. He’s got to be, what, a five inch waist. Still a little big to be a fashion model, better stick to the diet Geoff!

These Geoffrey sagas were partially inspired by Project Zomboid, an indie game being developed by the Indiestone, a small games development team based in Newcastle (I think). I like to think that Geoffrey is there amongst the hordes of zombies wondering what all the fuss is about.

After a couple of rather unfortunate setbacks  the Indiestone have managed to get a public test of their latest version of the game out to customers who have pre-paid, Hurrah! (If you pre pay you get access to all future versions as they bring them out). Its a great little zombie apocalypse sim reminiscent of XCOM (mainly due to its isometric viewpoint). Anyway its great fun, and pretty bloody cheap for the amount of hours to be had out of it. Check it out over at

That’s all for today, Pip pip!

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