“You wretched fiends, do you know who I am?” boomed the wizard thrusting his staff towards his attackers.

The mercenaries wailed and fell about in agony as their bellies contorted and their bowels emptied into their undergarments.

Only a fool would face Shytsmir the brown after a day of feasting.


Meet Shytsmir the brown, the wizard with the power to make any man or beast soil themselves. With his mighty staff Bálgrunnr at his side, no warrior not half starved to death is a match for him. What’s that? You don’t think that’s a very good power? Well granted it’s not the most glamorous of magics,  but you try fighting someone whilst having explosive bowel movements that fill your trousers up to the point of bursting!

I’ve been looking forward to illustrating this saga for some time now, putting it off because I knew it would take a lot of time and concentration to get it right (and most of the time I have neither of those in abundance). Today I finally set myself to it and I’m pretty pleased with the result. I like how cantankerous he looks, his beady little eyes and stern look. If Shytsmir’s looking at you like that you know you’re going to nead a clean pair of underwear.

You can expect Shytsmir to return in later sagas, he’s just too good a character (and too fun to draw) not to bring back.

That’s all for today, hope you had a good weekend! Pip pip.


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