Cersei walked towards Ned, slowly slipping off her cloak to reveal her naked body.

“What the bloody hell are you doing? One does not simply strip their way into Eddard Starks’ favour.”

She smiled slyly at him.

“Ned, When you play the game of bones you shag or you die.”


This saga is for my brother. He was staying with me a few days ago and I put on Game of Thrones for him to watch. In case you haven’t watched the series (and if you haven’t yet, get hold of it immediately!), there’s a nice amount of nudity and sex, even in the first episode. upon realising this my brother yelled “Game of thrones? More like game of bones!”

As I was drawing Sean Bean in medieval style garb I thought I’d also smuggle in his lord of the rings meme. Enjoy!


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