Their hands touched as they reached for the last jar of gherkins.

“Im sorry-”

“No, it’s alright-”

Their eyes met and silenced them both.

“Why don’t we share them?” he said to her smiling.

I’d love a romance like that thought Dan as he began making his profile.


I don’t understand the UK adverts. They started off with this ‘accidental duet’ one and then recently started showing this ‘train station’ one . In each advert two people inadvertently meet and have some sort of quirky romantic encounter. We as viewers are supposed to go ahhh that’s so sweet, I really want to meet someone and I want a wonderful story of how we met to tell all my friends and family just like this. Fine, but why on earth would I join if that’s what I wanted? If I join match then that’s precisely not what I’m going to get! A romantic chance meeting, impromptu flirting, an immediate spark; and all of this some sort of act of fate: two people thrown together by the universe itself. You’re not going to get any of that if you join match. You might find love, through looking at profiles and weighing up from someone’s personal statement whether you’re compatible with them; and that’s fine, its just not fate, it’s not chance and it’s not the romantic story you just saw on the TV.

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