If you meet the devil, don’t be surprised by his lack of words and small stature; by his wide grin, mad eyes and childish giggle. Reason and rationality just aren’t the devil’s game, it’s mischief and wickedness that make up the evils of men; that make his pointy ears prick.


I often think we’re conned into thinking that cruelty and wickedness arise out of our rationality. That if we were purely rational beings, without emotions or an understanding of morality (gained either through some kind of moral sense or through moral teachings) then we would be cold calculating monsters. In actual fact, rationality and reason rarely lead us to acting wickedly, in fact they tend to lead us towards doing what we thing is best. With that in mind, here’s the devil re-imagined (belief in deities not required) Not a silver-tongued businessman, offering your wildest dreams in exchange for your soul, but a small impish-like creature with a wild grin and mad eyes, tempting you to give in to your mischievous temptations, to be wicked for wicked’s sake alone; promoting anarchy and disorder.

I admit that I’ve cheated a little with this image. This was a picture I drew on my phone a long while ago when testing out a drawing application that I’ve loaded into illustrator and turned into a vector. Felt a shame not to use it really!

That’s all for today! Pip pip!


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