A bloodcurdling scream echoed around the control room. After a moment’s silence Dr. Blackmore turned to his number two.

“I take it we went ahead with the man-sized faux air vents leading to certain death then.”

“Yes sir; straight to the incinerator, less mess that way.”

“Wonderful, excellent work everyone.”


So begins a series of sagas on how to be a good Villain. Like The Poirot and Adventures of Geoffrey sagas I’m planning to return to this theme a few times over the next year. Your stereotypical villain tends to be rather bad at his job: he’s allegedly an evil genius, but he approves a lair with air vents that a horse could fit into that lead directly i) the main generator supplying power to the entire compound, ii) the armoury, or iii) the detention centre holding all of their captured buxom damsels or imprisoned warriors looking for vengeance. If you can’t design (or at least oversee the design of) an evil lair properly then you’ve no business being a villain says I.

Wow, two posts! Could it be that I’m finally going to begin clawing my way back to the right amount of posts to days past in the year so far? (Probably not)

That’s all for now,

Toodle pip!

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