At his signal they rode towards Constantinople and the Turkish army before it, cutting them down from their high saddles with ease. It was only when they could not stoop low enough to actually enter the city that the general realised that his giraffe-back cavalry suffered from some serious drawbacks.

I have to say that I’m a little surprised that giraffe’s were never used as warhorses (so to speak), Humans rode horses, camels and elephants after all. I’d be even more surprised if no one ever tried. Perhaps their long legs are too wobbly to support a man as well as their own weight, or their backs are too sloped to sit on them comfortably. Who knows, I can dream at least.

Ok, I admit it, I wrote this saga in part because I had already drawn a legionnaire riding on a  giraffe that I was desperate to use!

Might be another post today if I get enough time amidst working. Pip pip!


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