Fleeing the ball, Cinderella left a single glass slipper.

“I must find her!” the Prince cried to his advisor, “bring the slipper, the foot it fits belongs to my bride!”

“Perhaps if his highness doesn’t recall what his lady looks like he ought to sober up before making any proposals.”



Prince Charming (in pretty much all of his incarnations) is such a douche. ‘Oooh this girl is the most perfect girl in existence I want to spend my life with her… but I need a shoe to identify her.’ How perfect could she have been if he doesn’t really know what she looks or sounds like? You try turning up at a girls house and saying you need her to put a shoe on so you can make sure you recognise her, see how far you get with that one. Besides which, how small was this kingdom that no one else had the same show size as Cinders? or did she just have freakishly large feet?

I’ve been utterly awful at uploading sagas. Happily I have a few already written that just need illustrating (and my burnt hands are better and able to hold a pen now). With any luck I’ll catch up in a few days. Watch this space!


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