As she dried off and her scales fell away revealing long slender legs, James realised the mermaid he’d caught really could make his dreams come true.

“We can have the wedding in time for the children.” she cooed sweetly.

He considered that for a moment and then threw her back.


 There was a lot of content I wanted to cram into this saga: the fisherman catching the mermaid, her offering to make his wildest dreams come true, her tail turning into legs when she dried off (explaining how she was was going to make his dreams come true), and then his being scared of commitment and throwing her back. I think that idea really needed about 100 words to do it justice, but hopefully I’ve captured the spirit with just half that.

A big thank you to my good friend Captain Beardseye who provided today’s illustration. Stupidly I decided to pick up a hot dish that had been sat in the over for about half an hour yesterday and burned both hands pretty badly; he selflessly stepped in to draw some mermaid breasts for you all (cue round of applause!).

That little mistake has set me back a bit with these sagas (even further than before). Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up soon. That’s all for today. Pip pip!


3 responses »

  1. The Glutton says:

    That mermaid’s in the nip!

    Personally I love the idea that there should be so much more story to the saga but the fisherman kiboshed it before it even began. A man who doesn’t live his life like a bad soap opera is a lesson to us all.

    Steve Guttenberg, hang your head in shame.

  2. Wasn’t it Tom Hanks in Splash?

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