Ralph heard them coming down the hall; a swarm of women heading to the showers to wash their fit young bodies. As naked forms filled the room he thought about the few positives being a ghost brought.

If only he’d slipped and broken his neck in the women’s changing room…


Tough break Ralph! I’ve always been confused by the mechanics of haunting. Sometimes ghosts haunt the place they die, sometimes they haunt a person, sometimes they haunt a place they once loved; all seems very arbitrary to me. I’m sure a spiritualist would explain that residual energy can cling to various mediums or something, but that only serves to make me think its total bollocks…

That leads me on to a different little rant: ‘residual energy’, what is that supposed to mean? It’s funny because the term usually comes up when someone asks ‘what are ghost’s supposed to be anyway?’ Perfectly good question that requires some sort of substantive answer. So many times you get the answer as ‘residual energy’ as if that clears everything up, no more explanation needed. Oh yeah, residual energy, of course; what the bloody hell is that supposed to be? You can’t answer questions with phrases that themselves have no set understanding!

I was planning on doing more illustrations today, but as ever I got distracted (mostly by cookies!) ah well, I have 10 months to catch up on missed days (that attitude definitely wont lead to any last minute rushing!)

Pip pip!


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  1. Burns says:

    Nice Work! really Interesting Idea! I would hate the notion of having my ghost tied to a mildew ridden tile and grout floor. Or worse yet a wooden bench, frequented by sweaty asses.

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