‘In 2153 the robot hive-mind skyweb sent an agent back in time in order to prevent humans copulating. The V-1000, a machine with only one purpose; it will never stop, never slow down, and never give up.’

Oh yes, thought Jane, this was definitely the vibrator she’d been looking for.

'Hasta la vista, baby'


Just managed to sneak this post in! I guess it speaks for itself really; I remember thinking that skynet wasn’t all that smart for a supposedly God like sentient hive-mind. I mean, sure, its sorted out time travel, but why send back such an obvious killing machine? If it knew that Kyle Reese would go back to protect Sarah Connor then why not send a Kyle Reese bot? or a bot that looked like her mother. Or, here’s an idea, go back to kill her when she was a baby, rather than when she was a grown woman. All very confusing, perhaps if I were a sentient supercomputer I would understand.

Quite a few posts to come tomorrow hopefully. That’s all for today. Toodle pip!

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