One night, as I turned out the light, I caught a glimpse of the Grey Witch; her gaunt face and haunting black eyes; watching me, waiting for me to sleep. Sometimes I wake to a noise in the night, scared to open my eyes in case she’s there looking back.


I used to scare myself as a child, imagining that when I turned the light off and turned towards my bed I’d see something standing there in the dark; or when I was in bed I’d shut my eyes and feel like something was stooping down over me, watching me intently. I still do scare myself a little with thoughts like that in fact! Funny how our imagination can run wild with us sometimes, I wonder if anyone ever truly stops feeling uneasy when things go bump in the night.

Back to horror today (or an attempt at it at least). I may develop this into something longer to submit as a creepy pasta, I don’t think they’ll accept it as it is. Though, I think teh concept as it is here is creepy enough: some hag lurking in the shadows that waits for you to sleep and might be right in front of your face should you open your eyes; let the reader’s imagination fill in the details (they’ll do a far better job of terrifying themselves than I can!)

I was chatting to my girlfriend about horror movies last night and it occurred to me that I don’t really think I’d count most modern horror films as ‘horror.’ It’s mostly just gore and making you jump these days: you spend the whole film waiting for something to jump out on someone and kill them in a horrifically gory way. I don’t think being startled really does it for me on the horror front. I want to be truly scared by an idea, filled with a sense of dread. Maybe that’s why written horror will always win out for me: it can have suspense, but it isn’t written just to make you jump, its written to creep you out.

These blog posts are getting longer and longer, not sure how. I’ll have to start including a TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) summary. I was planning on doing another saga today, but alas I have no access to my graphics tablet at the moment so I can finish illustrating it. Hopefully I’ll get quite a few out over the weekend.

That’s all for now. Pip pip!

TL;DR: Ah! Witch in the dark is scary; modern horror is just making you jump and gore, boo!


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