Having searched high and low for Susan, Geoffrey finally found her inside an abandoned cafe. He was so happy to see her after all this time apart and rushed over to wrap his arms around her. She seemed happy too, screaming with excitement as he set about eating her head.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Oh Geoffrey, what will you get up to next?

I rather like this idea of a zombie wandering round seemingly oblivious to his zombification; I think I’ll make it a recurring theme (see https://vonbandersnatch.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/how-the-other-half-lives/ for episode 1).

Also, I needed a valentine’s day themed saga that wasn’t too cliche. Hopefully this fits the bill. Decided to go with a coloured picture this time (I’m not sure whether a big grey heart would really have worked for this one). I may well keep it up for future illustrations, it’s not really any harder to do it in colour than in black and white at any rate.

I’ve fallen rather behind (further behind than I already was given that I started this project a little late), I am endeavoring to catch up, but I may have to just be behind for most of the year!

Pip pip!

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