The robot finished pruning the shrub and placed it back into its shallow hole, pressing earth down around it.

Its maker never told it its function, only its name; looking now at its fine work and array of precise cutting implements, Murder-bot9000 was certain that gardening was its true purpose.


Apparently humans aren’t the only things created without an essence… well Murder-bot9000 was perhaps created with a function in mind, but who knows what that was. It’s long forgotten now anyway, so it can carry on defining itself as it goes along existing, creating its own narrative to settle its identity.

It was a toss up for the name between Killatron and murder-bot; you can let me know if you think I made the wrong choice

I’m not sure that existentialists would be happy with the suggestion that identity is somehow tied up with narrative, but then I don’t really care. Pip Pip!

ed: I’m looking forward to illustrating this one… if I ever get round to illustrations

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