Eternal life was supposed to be a blessing. After all the wars there wasn’t much left of the world I knew.

The radiation couldn’t hurt me, but it twisted the survivors.

Now they hunt me, because I stood still while they transformed, because they’re the humans and I’m the monster.


A lot of people people say they wouldn’t want to live forever, that they think it would be terrible. I think the question is phrased in the wrong way: it asks you to think about the forever, when most of what we do is born out of the moment. So instead, suppose someone was in front of you with the elixir in hand, offering it to you: never die, never get old, never get sick. One time offer. Really imagine it; could you really bring yourself to turn it down?

This was a tough one to write. It’s really the idea for a much longer piece I’m working on called Dancing Water, it was hard to even begin cutting the idea down into so few words. Not sure if it works as a mini-saga, but it has made me want to get back to that longer project…


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