Through the window he saw her husband straddle her, knife held high and ready to fall. The door was open. Racing upstairs he burst into an empty room. Only once the door was shut did he turn to see them both, hot with anticipation; the knife in her hand now.


So continues my mini-saga-a-thon. I’ve been reading recently, a site full of user submitted ‘creepypastas’ (short horror stories) and thought I’d try my hand at writing a creepypasta mini-saga. It’s no easy thing writing horror in just 50 words… hope this turns out to be tasty!

I’m a little late starting, but a friend gave me the idea of writing 365 mini-sagas, one for each day of the year (he did something similar with limericks: check him out at So I’ve got some catching up to do, its the 22nd and I have just three mini-sagas. Time to get the creative juices flowing!

ed: just realised it’s a leap year, looks like it’ll be 366 mini-sagas. Il have to make suite Feb 29ths saga is an especially tasty pasta…


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