Having politely requested it for himself, James Bloom ate his wife’s liver with relish. Her face fixed in a scowl, she filled his glass with the rare claret that already stained his crimson lips. All the while her unfeeling eyes glowered at him coldly from their perch upon the mantelpiece.


I’ve been trying my hand at mini-sagas recently. For those not in the know, a mini-saga is a story comprised of exactly 50 words. They’re quite a fun little challenge, here’s the first of many above, I hope everyone enjoys a Joyce reference…

Pip pip!

ed: I’ve decided to make this endurance writing task even more insurmountable by turning it into a writing and illustrating deal! Here’s the first illustration of (hopefully) many. Probably need to go a bit more simple with the illustrations, not a lot of space to work with and this one might just be a bit too detailed. Click for a larger look. Hope you enjoy! Pumpkin

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  1. hcurci says:

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  2. leemalerich says:

    thanks for looking at my hopefully neutral presentation of my husband’s work. have not heard of the fifty word idea, have six words, have tweets. all these limitations are making us more creative, eh? and illustrating too? very talented.

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